Client: Self-Promotional
Project: Experimental Animated Video
Responsibilities: Animation & Design
Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects & Adobe Audition
Description: This is an After Effects animation with assets created in Photoshop and the audio is put together in Audition. The photos are from and the soundFX are all from This project had no storyboards, no style frames, not even a story synopsis. I wanted to try my hand at an animated version of the "photobashing" technique employed by concept artists. With a general theme in mind I grabbed a bunch of images from and went to work in Photoshop. Masking them, breaking them up, and stylizing them. Then I took them into photoshop for the animation. I spent a lot of time jumping back and forth between After Effects and Photoshop tweaking and refining the look and feel of the images. Once the animation was roughed out and I had a working duration I exported an .Mov and took it into Audition so I could compose my soundFX. I then exported out the mixdown and brought it back into After Effects to finalize the animation.
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