Welcome to my creative corner! I'm Jerron Smith, a seasoned Motion Graphics and video creator with a passion for teaching and crafting appealing narratives. With a dynamic career spanning over three decades, I've ignited screens, mentored minds, and turned pixels into emotions.
For the past 29 years, I've been on an exhilarating ride through the realm of Motion Graphics and Video Editing. A BA in Fine Arts from Queens College and an MA in Communication Arts from New York Institute of Technology laid the foundation for my creative journey.
During my extensive freelance journey as a “Pixel Pusher” I've been a digital magician, creating compelling motion design and video content for everything from television to social media. My expertise also extends to corporate and instructional video projects that captivate audiences and breathe life into diverse brands.
My stint as an Adjunct Instructor at various institutions, including the New York City College of Technology, Fashion Institute of Technology, and New York Institute of Technology, has allowed me to spread my love of After Effects, Photoshop, Cinema4D, and Computer Graphics techniques. I've equipped my students with the tools to manifest their creative visions.
As a lifelong learner, I have become certified by Adobe Systems Inc. as an Adobe Certified Video Professional, an Adobe Certified Expert in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator. Through these experiences I believe I embody the spirit of perpetual learning and innovation.
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