Animators and designers must engage in play and experimental animation as an integral part of their creative journey. It is through these playful explorations that we push the boundaries of their craft, breaking free from conventional norms and fostering innovation. By stepping outside the confines of established techniques and narratives, we can discover new styles, visual languages, and storytelling approaches. This experimentation not only fuels our artistic growth but also keeps us adaptable in an ever-evolving industry. Furthermore, playing with animation allows for the discovery of hidden talents, unearths unexpected insights, and can lead to groundbreaking discoveries that shape the future of the medium or just of the individual. In essence, it is the willingness to play and experiment that empowers animators and designers to continuously evolve, breathe life into fresh and captivating stories, and contribute to the dynamic and ever-expanding world of animation.
Client: Self-Promotional
Project: Experimental Animation
Responsibilities: Entirely Created by Me
Software Used: Various, though mostly Adobe After Effects​​​​​​​
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